1. When you have an issue with someone, do you find it difficult to confront them?

2. Do you act to resolve a situation when you are still angry?

3. Is it more common for you to complain to others about your problem than to deal with the issue directly?

4. Do you have a hard time understanding how you might have contributed to problem situations?

5. If you do talk to someone who is bothering you, do you find yourself accusing them of having wronged you?

The more you answered ‘yes’ to the above questions, the more opportunities you have to improve your conflict resolution skills. It is important to consider how well you solve problems between yourself and others because an inability to do this can result in trouble in many areas of your life.

Sometimes it can be hard to sort through a problem because we are experiencing a range of emotions when faced with conflict. However, by developing stronger conflict resolution skills, you will be able to navigate through your feelings to effectively handle disturbances rather than acting out of your emotion and potentially making things worse.

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