1. Are you sending newsworthy information to journalists, such as; a new product launch, a charitable gala, or a change that affects both the company and community?

2. Are you getting to know the reporters in your industry or community?

3. When trying to cultivate a relationship with a reporter, are you inviting them to your business and giving them a tour?

4. If a journalist reports incorrect information about your business, do you promptly correct it?

5. Do you offer a digital news letter or blog from your website to market your public relations material?

The more yes’s you answered above the more likely you are to gain more press for your business and increase sales. Gaining positive attention from the press is more cost effective then having to pay for overpriced advertisements.

How are you doing in this area? Think about the above questions and jot down your thoughts. Are you pleased with your company’s image in the press?

To more fully investigate these issues, please read the accompanying article: Getting Friendly with the Press: Tips for Positive Public Relations