EACC Services

Consulting. Training. Program Analysis.

Consultation Services

We offer both one on one and group interactions. Our trained professionals will coach and assist personnel in obtaining various skills and techniques to meet the needs of any situation. Many of our consulting services can be combined with training programs to enable the organization to become more self-sufficient. Our services expand beyond the office to personal counseling and mediation for non-work related situations. For more information on consultation services.

Training Opportunities

Our training events are designed to enhance individual and organizational competence and confidence in fundamental interpersonal and team skills. We work closely with the client to ensure that the training event meets the unique identified needs of the organization. The training format includes presentation of main concepts, staff demonstrations, participants’ skill practice and application. The trainings are largely “hands on” and focus on acquiring skills that can be incorporated directly into participants’ professional and personal lives. Many of the training events may be eligible for funding through grant opportunities. For more information on training opportunities.

Program Analysis

We provide a unique service which will evaluate your training programs. As experts in the field of developing and administrating training programs, we are continuously examining the short and long-term results of your investment in such programs and trainings. We customize an evaluation instrument, looking at both qualitative and quantitative data, and develop general themes, summaries of the covered topics, and respond to the overall effectiveness of the presenter’s style. This data has been utilized by numerous organizations as a means of identifying and evaluating the need for in-sourcing or out-sourcing referrals for training, cost savings, and morale enhancement. For more information on program analysis, please contact us.


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