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Getting Friendly with the Press: Tips for Positive Public Relations

Small businesses can achieve a considerable measure of business growth simply by focusing on effective public relations. Employing an individual to handle public relations may be tough for some small start-ups, but often a marketing professional will tackle this important aspect of communication. While it’s not advertising, good public relations can work that way. The [...]

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Stress Management in the Workplace

While a certain amount of stress in the workplace is inevitable, too much stress will soon begin to interfere with your employee’s performance as well as their emotional and physical wellbeing. The important thing is to recognize stress within your organization and to manage it before it gets out of hand. There are two types [...]

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Can You Keep Stress Under Control?

1. Are your employees showing signs of apathy and disinterest in their work projects? 2. Do individuals often show up late or take time off for minor illnesses? 3. Are you experiencing frequent arguments among members of staff? 4. Do employees seem tired, irritable or jumpy all the time? 5. Are you noticing an increased [...]

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Handling Insubordination

An employee who displays rude and arrogant behavior in the workplace can not only disrupt productivity but can also undermine your leadership, intimidate your team, and ultimately cause safety and legal issues within your company. Dealing with insubordination can be challenging for a team leader, but quick resolution is essential in order to avoid serious [...]

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Can You Handle Insubordination?

1. Can you recognize signs of insubordination within your organization? 2. Do you keep records of insubordinate behavior? 3. Do you have an intervention plan to handle difficult behavior? 4. Do you have a strategy to prevent insubordination within your workforce? 5. Are your employees aware of company policies on insubordination? If you answered no [...]

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Running a Meeting

Business meetings are a fact of life for almost all businesses, large or small. There are few other ways to impart a great deal of knowledge in a short amount of time besides calling all the key players to a meeting. In order to make the most of any meetings that are called by the [...]

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Do You Run an Effective Meeting?

1. Do you provide an agenda for each meeting? 2. Do you start a meeting at the time you specified? 3. Do you end the meeting at the time specified or does it go over? 4. Do you make sure to invite the right people to the meeting, in other words is a key player [...]

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Effective Conflict Resolution Strategies

Handling problems that happen between yourself and another person can be difficult. Even with the most clearly outlined steps for solving problems, we can still have clouded judgment due to our personal interpretation of how something is occurring. You may have learned from experience that ignoring a situation will not make it go away. Fortunately, [...]

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