1. Are your employees showing signs of apathy and disinterest in their work projects?

2. Do individuals often show up late or take time off for minor illnesses?

3. Are you experiencing frequent arguments among members of staff?

4. Do employees seem tired, irritable or jumpy all the time?

5. Are you noticing an increased amount of employee grievances?

If you answered yes to three or more of these questions, some members of your staff are probably experiencing high levels of stress. This situation needs to be managed before it affects the health of your workers and the health of your organization.

Think about improving the situation by talking to the individuals who are showing signs of excessive stress. Talk to them in a confidential setting and explain to them that you value their contribution to your company and ask for suggestions about how you can help reduce their level of stress in the workplace. If the individual is not comfortable discussing the matter with you, you may suggest a stress coach or counselor.

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