Partnering Opportunities

Partnering Opportunities

Partnering is used to enhance communication, teamwork and conflict management among individuals. It is a voluntary process by which multiple stake holders having shared interests perform as a team to achieve mutually beneficial goals.

Partnering is not a social process that simply promotes courtesy and politeness — but rather is a good faith effort at joint problem resolution. The process is based on establishing mutually beneficial goals early in the project life cycle, building trusting relationships, and engaging in collaborative problem solving.

Industry studies have shown that the correct application of partnering concepts improve quality, and reduce cost and contract performance periods. Partnering is not a waiver of contractual rights and responsibilities — it is a recognition and respect of those rights and responsibilities and a willingness to work together to help all stake holders fulfill them. These partnering concepts, when properly applied, will assist in fostering cooperative relationships with all constituents involved.

EACC’s Partnering Model offers a five stage process that assists participants in becoming self reflective and aware of others, while establishing techniques for improved and sustained success.

EACC’s Partnering Model addresses:

  1. Expanding Self Awareness,
  2. Defining Shared Vision,
  3. Developing a Resolution Ladder,
  4. Establishing Lines of Communication, and
  5. Mutually agreeing on Chartered Values to guide them through the project process.

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