Counseling and Coaching

Counseling and Coaching Services

Counseling and Coaching Services are an instrumental component in the awareness and change process for individuals and groups that are struggling with deep rooted cultural values and beliefs. To uncover resistance and support change, these types of services act as guides while nurturing the change process.

Business Coaching provides a stimulating and safe environment for mid, senior and executive level managers to examine, evaluate and significantly improve their management styles, skills and processes.

Personal Coaching focuses on embracing and making purposeful life changes by helping individuals identify and understand who they truly are and develop goals to achieve what they want. Through support, motivation, goal setting, accountability and honesty this is achieved.

Individual Counseling assists individuals with deep rooted time management issues, concentration problems, lack of motivation, or questions about self ability.

Group Counseling is often the most beneficial option for team or department concerns. Group counseling is a form of psychotherapy that usually involves individuals that meet during regularly scheduled intervals over a period of time. During that time, the members of the group discuss the issues that are concerning them and offer each other support and feedback. Interpersonal interaction is highly valued and encouraged.

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