Leadership Philosophy

Our Leadership Philosophy

The work of Evans and Associates emerges from our commitment to the realization of human growth and dignity grounded in values.


Values are the driving force that determine every decision we do. Understanding them to the degree that has brought them into reality is critical in making sound decisions. In addition to each individual’s personal values, EACC maintains key values that they look for with individuals they partner with. EACC values the need for Trust and Honesty, Knowing Oneself, Knowing Others, Good Communication, Adapting to Change and Professional Growth.

Trust and Honesty

Trust encompasses an individual’s integrity; what they do when no one is around, and honesty encompasses an individual’s accountability; the level of responsibility to one another and the objectives/outcome. These two components are needed to ensure a solid foundation occurs with organizations and individuals EACC partners with. Without these productive results neither will ever emerge nor come to fruition.

Knowing Oneself

True leaders possess the ability to analyze their own motives and decisions and make accurate judgments about their behavior. These judgments can result in constructive improvements in how they relate to others and help identify unhelpful reactions or traits. EACC shares the belief that knowing yourself better will help you improve and make adjustments that will make you a more effective leader. Self Awareness is the key to being able to react effectively to external events.

Knowing Others

Knowing others is important to leaders to effectively adopt different leadership styles and skills depending on the situation and person(s) they are dealing with. The right leadership style or skill will depend very much on knowing the other person; including that person’s development, skills and knowledge. Taking this into account, EACC embraces the concept of listening and asking questions before assisting in asserting thoughts or remedy processes. Realizing that other’s value systems may make the situation seem at odds at the moment, when in reality it is just a different placement of values with the same common end goal. Understanding others and the motives behind their actions is instrumental to interacting productively with others.

Good Communication

Communication starts with understanding ourselves and others. The velocity of communication between individuals, whether waste or value added is based on sharing and listening. EACC practices these same principles when communicating with others to ensure a clear understanding has occurred among all involved in the communication process, including being heard and allotted the opportunity to share. The belief extends to importance for timely responses with the use of electronic messaging, while realizing the need at times for telephone or face-to-face interaction. In situations that are new or unresolved, being prepared with possible solutions and not just the issue is critical to move forward with a solid foundation.

Adapting to Change

Organizational success is based on the ability to embrace change and remain flexible. One must remain resilient as they continue to effectively innovate, adapt and perform in various situations. This involves maintaining a clear focus around purpose and goals, being flexible and open to new approaches, and encouraging a climate of learning, creativity, and a culture of trust and cooperation combined with good communication.

Professional Growth

Learning and sharing are critical in staying fresh and innovative. EACC strives to continually educate their staff to meet the needs of their clients and to expand their knowledge and expertise. This includes cross-training staff to learn every aspect of the organization, thus allowing flexibility of our processes. This belief is further extended to our clients with EACC University and our book loan service.


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